Making Anew

First of all, why is blogging so darn hard! Well, its hard for me anyway. And I have come to a conclusion that the reason being is because I don’t have a schedule. I normally, write when I feel like writing and with getting sucked into well, life. I forget about this place and then I’ll look at an empty bottle of shampoo and say to myself: “I haven’t blogged this month” – weird but, it is true.  Continue reading

Help Me: Foundation


For the past year, I have been using shall I say my favorite foundation Maybelline FIT Me Matt+Poreless foundation in 322 Warm Honey. Like I said before, it matches me perfectly, does not cause me to break out, gives very good natural looking coverage and its affordable! But, I would like a higher end foundation especially for special occasions or going out at night. But, at the same time I want it to look natural.  Continue reading


You all probably believe I have commitment issues. I can assure you I do not! I am a devoted person. I am devoted to being on time{just ask my friends}, keeping my appointments, sticking with my beliefs, going to work, getting cleaning done, devoted to my friends and family and especially my husband.

You get the picture. Continue reading